Opensource Enthusiast

I am an opensource fan and love to share my work with the rest of the world. That's why most of my work is being opensourced and available as public domain hosted by GitHub.


Year Title Description Language/Framework Status
2014 Qutube Downloader C++ GUI based versatile youtube video downloader powered by youtube-dl Python C++ Qt Under Development
2014 BlueBotController A Desktop application for controlling robots via Bluetooth. Qt Arduino Complete
2014 DIYLineFollowerApp An android app demonstrating how to build a Line Follower Robot. Android Java Complete
2016 LineFollowerWithTracer Line Follower robot capable of drawing path virtually on desktop host driven by hybrid Differential Drive and Proportional Derivative algorithm Arduino Processing Complete
2015 QHotspotCreator A Qt C++ Desktop application for creating wifi hotspot with ease. Qt Complete
2015 ANNLineFollower Artificial Neural Network based Line Follower Robot. MATLAB Arduino Complete
2015 VirtualWire Modified VirtualWire library compatible with latest Arduino. AVR Arduino Complete
2015 AccelerometerBasedRobot Android application that can control a robot by using the accelerometer sensor data. Android Arduino Complete
2016 SerialPort A baremetal C++ library for establishing serial communication between mcu and pc. C++ Complete
2016 ImageProcessingToolbox Qt C++ based OpenCV driven image processing trainer. Qt C++ OpenCV Under Development
2016 RobotControllerCpp Robot Controller Program using Pure C++ C++ Complete
2016 PyDuino PyQt based Arduino controller desktop application PyQt Python Complete
2016 QtCustomProjectTemplate Various custom project templates for Qt Qt Complete
2016 Gesture Controlled Robot OpenCV and Arduino based robot which can be controlled by hand gesture. C++ OpenCV Arduino Under Development
2016 News Parser Python based news collector from various online news portals. Python PyQt Natural Language Processing Under Development
2016 Data Structure and Algorithm Visualizer D3.js based DS and Alogrithm visualizer powered by JavaScript D3.js JavaScript Under Development
2016 GRE Shooter SDL C++ based shooting game for learning GRE words with ease. SDL C++ Under Development
2016 SymbolicCalculator Arduino-Python based Wireless Symbolic Scientific Calculator Arduino Python Under Development
2016 ArduinoPCKeyboardController Arduino-Python based PC Keyboard controller Arduino Python Complete
2016 ArduinoMorseENDEC Arduino + Keypad + LCD and MATLAB based Morse Encoder / Decoder MATLAB Arduino Complete
2016 KMapSolver Qt C++ based Boolean Expression Minimizer for Unlimited variables using KMap Qt C++ Complete